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The revolutionary new door stop product from Infantguard is the first in an exciting range of products that have been attentively designed & developed for the safety conscious parent.

Its unique fitting location above the top hinge of an internal door prevents the door closing far enough to trap little fingers regardless of the hinge size.

Take a look at the anti slamming devices currently on the market that fit onto the top edge of a door. You will notice that even with one of these fitted, the door does not have to shut very far at all for little fingers to become trapped in the hinge and frame side of the door. Hence such devices are only any use if the child's fingers are on the handle side. In complete contrast, our revolutionary new product gives protection both handle side & ALSO HINGE SIDE of the door.

Available directly to you, right here in our secure online [ SHOP ] at just £3.99 per pack of TWO door stops. Buy four or more packs of two, and get shipping absolutely free!
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