Welcome to Aldridge Plastics Ltd, THE quality injection moulding component supply company.

With almost 40 years of comprehensive service and experience, and one of the largest, best equipped moulding shops in operation, we look forward to welcoming you as our next customer.

Key company features:

5000 square metre facility In house CAD / CAM
ISO 14001 Accredited Comprehensive assembly services (in house)
ISO 9001 Accredited Comprehensive printing services (in house)
Custom tooling (in house) Patented multiVEX™ printing technology

Moulding plants in the UK, China, and North America enable Aldridge Plastics to manage the manufacture of tools and the production of parts to meet customers’ quality standards and cost expectations anywhere in the world.

Strategically located in Central England, Aldridge Plastics deliver millions
of plastic mouldings and finished assemblies into the world wide supply chain.

Originally founded in 1968, the company’s diverse abilities and entrepreneurial spirit have pioneered the production of a wide range of innovative products.
During the glory days of Britain’s plastic toy industry, many heroic battles were fought out with Star Wars™ merchandise, Action Man™, and many other childhood classics, all created in our very own extensive range of presses.
The types of mouldings now produced in our 5000 square metre manufacturing facility appeal to the more discerning adult professional.

The Aldridge Plastics name has become synonymous with the production of aesthetically perfect mouldings and high tolerance integral components, many of which are assembled and ready to fit line side.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 BSI Certified - Click here to learn more
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