FINISHING (Assembly / Printing)

Production Overview

We take your designs
and bring them to life!

Our experienced teams have extensive knowledge of the key complexities inherent in the delivery of a successful project; The earlier we become involved the greater the influence we can have on the final specification, giving you
the best possible value for money.

Having met your expectations
at the quotation stage, we will continue to meet your demands for continual improvement, adding yet more value to the finished product.
At the development stage
we can minimise waste and improve quality through the use of advanced CAD enabled design programmes and mould flow simulation prior to the cutting of hard tooling.

We have the capability to source and supply materials and components from around the world.

Such is the diversity of our order book that we now hold a wide range of materials in our dedicated storage areas.

Computerised planning production systems enable us to maintain strategic essential stocks, which are strategically located to feed current production and assembly lines.


Production - 24hrs a day

The automation of our factory is extensive, robotics assist in process control on all of our larger presses. Investment in Capital Planted Machinery contributes to the smooth and efficient operation of all our production facilities.
Here you can see one of our conveyors carrying a range of smaller mouldings from a fully automated array of machines onto a carrousel for inspection. This highly adaptive facility is capable of switching production from one product to another in a matter of minutes thus optimising productivity.

Performance & Quality

In our 5000 square metre facility, we boast an extensive range of injection moulding machines, from 20 tonnes to 750 tonnes.

To assure optimum performance, all of our machines are closely performance monitored in real time, via data display terminals situated throughout the plant.
Throughout the project we manage the supply chain in accordance with, and beyond, the requirement of our ISO 9001 Accreditation.

Whatever our customers demands, we consistently ensure that all technical specifications and planned aesthetic needs are met every time, on every moulding.


We offer comprehensive automated silk screen & pad printing facilities, along with our own patented Multivex ™ printing process.
Our trained operators routinely undertake the assembly of delicate components within a controlled environment; e.g. the assembly of electronics and filtration systems have always been part of the companies’ business capabilities. Specialised environments and processes for these have been controlled with great success.

Once all quality assessments are complete, the customers order is packaged to specification, ready for dispatch to the industrial continents of the world.
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