CurriculumCurriculum Statement

The school aims to ensure that the requirements of the National Curriculum are presented in an interesting and challenging way. In developing programmes of work that are appropriate to the children's ability and experience, we seek to advance the knowledge and skills that they require for lifelong learning.

Approaches to Teaching

The school uses a variety of teaching methods, involving whole class, group and individual approaches, but always with the abilities and capabilities of the children in mind. Teachers endeavour to cater for the preferred learning styles of pupils by varying the approach they take. Children may be primarily auditory, visual or kinaesthetic learners and we have to be aware of this to exploit fully their learning potential.


The school has invested in excellent classroom support staff whose work is directed by teachers to maximise the opportunities for learning in the smallest possible groupings. Children who find learning challenging in any area are offered an increase of this support teaching.

Newly refurbished classrooms are now larger and provide a lively and stimulating atmosphere.

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